Organizations and associations continue to evolve in the increasingly complex business, regulatory, and interconnected global marketplaces. Based on Second Rise’s unique combination of skills, assets, and tools we develop insights for customers to act on and craft plans tailored to their situation.

Collaboration Technology

Collaboration technology should improve your internal staff performance and bind your stakeholders together. We look at technology issues within the context of your organization's goals and provide recommendations to help realize the full potential of your entire community.

Deploy and Manage Technology

Today's organizations are looking for complete flexibility in how applications and IT services are delivered. From tactics and design to ongoing operations, Second Rise deploys and manages cost-effective, secure and responsive collaboration infrastructures that scale and adapt to our customer's needs.

About Second Rise

The founders of Second Rise have extensive experience consulting and supporting global standards-developing organizations and non-profits in their efforts to define, create, and deploy collaboration technology.

John Keith, CEO

John co-founded Kavi Corporation in 1997 after working for many years within standards organizations on behalf of Intel. John has worked with OASIS, ISO, DMTF, SMPTE, Wifi Alliance, and INCITS, among many other standards organizations.

Elise McIntosh, Chief Product Officer

Elise spent over 10 years as Kavi’s UX lead, deployment consultant, and representative to ANSI. She has extensive experience helping complex, established organizations get their committees working effectively. Elise has worked closely with NSF, INCITS, SMPTE, USB, ANSI, and others.

Tony Curwen, Chief Technology Officer

Tony has over 25 years experience developing solutions to address complex problems. Most recently, he was Director of MBPS Asset Strategy and SCM CTO at IBM, where he was responsible for crafting and managing the cloud strategy for the Managed Business Process group. Prior to IBM, Tony co-founded Viacore and served as the VP of Core Technology at Ingram Micro.

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